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Home remedy for fever and flu for child

home remedy for fever and flu for child

Keep your child hydrated to help reduce cold and flu symptoms and make them feel Sometimes even the best at-home care isn't enough to help your little one‚Äč. We'll go over some home remedies that may speed up the healing process and help you When you contract a viral condition, such as a cold or flu, your immune system A high fever can be more dangerous for a young child than an adult. Sponge your child with lukewarm water to help relieve the discomfort of a high fever; stop if your child becomes cold. Continue Reading Below.

Home remedy for fever and flu for child -

Steam Warm, moist air can unclog a stuffy nose, break up congestion, and soothe coughs. Cold and Flu Remedies In addition to these treatment options, Bernstein says there are a number of ways parents can help their children feel better when a cold or flu strikes: Have children sit upright to help them breathe better. See more cough remedies for kids. For fever, headaches, muscle aches, and sore throats , children may take acetaminophen Tylenol. How to treat the flu at home Consider using a cool mist humidifier to soothe an irritated or sore throat. Learn when to call the doctor and when to visit the ER for the flu. Offer small amounts of food and especially liquid often.

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