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Discover bank cd rates reviews

discover bank cd rates reviews

Discover Bank CD Rates. Discover Bank CDs. Discover Bank offers two types of CD accounts: a traditional CD and an. CD rates · The $2, minimum deposit requirement is higher than it is at some online banks offering higher yields. · Discover Bank doesn't have CD specials or​. Learn more about the interest rates and fees on certificates of deposit (CDs) from Discover Bank. See how they compare to CDs from other.

Discover bank cd rates reviews -

However, you will receive a welcome kit, and you can access your account information anytime via the Account Center. Conclusion CDs are a great, no-risk way to earn some extra interest from your savings, so long as you are willing to lock your savings in for the term of the CD. Verify your information: Verify information and electronically sign your application. How Does It Compare? The CD term can range from three to sixty months, allowing you to customize your CD to your savings plan. Another nice feature is access to Zelle, a digital payment network. You can find your CD maturity date in your account online. discover bank cd rates reviews

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