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How do i get my paypal account number

how do i get my paypal account number

My PayPal account number. PayPal, unlike the others, does not give you an individual number, like a bank account number or a WebMoney wallet number. 5. Copy those down onto your direct deposit form from your employer (or government benefits manager), noting that your account is a checking. What is my PayPal account number? Your PayPal account doesn't have an account number or a routing number. Your account is identified by the email address. how do i get my paypal account number

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Paypal How To Change Phone Number - Paypal How To Primary Phone Number Instructions, Guide Keep secret any other payment information: a PayPal-linked payment card number, its security code, etc. I tried using the routing number and for the account number I used the 17 digits, 5 digit transit plus 12 digit acct. I had my how do i get my paypal account number checking linked to my us paypal and couldnt also link it to my canadian paypal… I linked my usd savings instead. The process takes about 40 minutes -have your passport with you. It would be nice if the US paypal would allow you jose tejas nj link Canadian banks. In our blog we regularly upload new articles on the development of your business to the Western market. It uses linking by email address identification.

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