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Most educated first lady of the united states

most educated first lady of the united states

First Ladies of the United States include famous names such as Martha Martha Washington set many standards for American First Ladies, but from Abigail. Louisa Catherine Johnson Adams Louisa Adams was the first First Lady with a formal education. As a girl, she attended. May 1, - The most educated First Lady in American history is a black woman with two Ivy League degrees from Harvard and Princeton. Michelle Obama .

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Michelle Obama delivers emotional final speech as first lady of the United States Making the lengthy daily trip to attend Whitney M. No better educated woman entered the White House in the first hundred years of the presidency. Bush in Obama moved on to Harvard Law School before working as a lawyer in Chicago—the firm where she met her husband. Bowie State, in Maryland, gave Obama an honorary doctorate of law, but she has not completed that degree.

Most educated first lady of the united states -

She studied piano in the hopes of becoming an internationally recognized concert pianist. At first glance, you may assume this is a list of the alma maters of U. After graduating from Princeton in , she attended Harvard Law School and earned her juris doctor degree in Congratulations Dr. Several years later Obama left law to pursue community-based interests. Since her husband has been out of office, and her children out of the house, Mrs. A well-educated, politically active globetrotter before landing at the White House, First Lady Lou Hoover was the first president's spouse to have her own regular, national radio broadcast. most educated first lady of the united states

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